Chess Gloves
7 / Deep Black

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• Summery women's gloves • Fashionable braided detail • Manufactured in traditional... more
Chess Gloves - 7 / Deep Black
• Summery women's gloves
• Fashionable braided detail
• Manufactured in traditional craftsmanship
• Fine piqué-seam for the best wearing comfort
• Optimum fit thanks to table-cutting

The unlined leather gloves "Chess Gloves" combine fashionable chic with the highest traditional craftsmanship. They are the perfect accessory for the transitional seasons or to stylishly protect yourself against germs on buses and trains.

Crafted from particularly fine-structured lamb nappa leather, this glove also impresses with its soft and naturally warm feel, which only distinguishes the highest quality, fully aniline-dyed glove leather. In order to guarantee a perfect fit, the leather was worked by hand by experienced cutting masters in the so-called table-cutting method by repeatedly pulling each piece of leather powerfully over the wooden edge of the cutting table. You should buy your table-cut gloves slightly tight-fitting at first - as you wear them in, they adapt to the individual shape of your hand.

Sewn on the so-called piqué sewing-machine, the Chess Glove is also characterized by its particularly fine seam. With this seam, which only a few seamstresses in Europe can still master, the leather only overlaps by one layer, so that the stitching is hardly noticeable. This full or real piqué seam is rightly called the "queen of seams".

"Chess Gloves - 7 / Deep Black"
Material: outside: lamb nappa leather (fully aniline dyed) inside: unlined table-cut more
Chess Gloves - 7 / Deep Black
outside: lamb nappa leather (fully aniline dyed)
inside: unlined
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