Crocus Shoulderbag
Midnight Black

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- Puristic, timeless design with elegant handle detail - Versatile to style: from classically... more
Crocus Shoulderbag - Midnight Black
- Puristic, timeless design with elegant handle detail
- Versatile to style: from classically elegant to sporty
- Elegant short handles and length-adjustable shoulder strap
- Removable inner lining bag fastened with snaps
- Hand made in Italy

The Crocus Shoulderbag by Gretchen is a puristically designed bag in the so-called "bucket format", made of a subtly textured cowhide with a lively two-tone color effect.
The short handles are stylishly integrated into the bags' main body and allow you to grab the bag easily and quickly when necessary - for example when you get into or out of the car.
Being a medium-sized handbags the Crocus Shoulderbag does not only hold your everyday essentials such as your wallet, mobile phone, keys and cosmetics, but offers extra space to fit a small water bottle, or a small umbrella. The zippered interior bag safely holds your utensils, but - being removable - you always have the option to use the bag without its interior. It also allows you in one simple step to place all your bag contents inside any other bag without the hassle of moving everything around. Thanks to its additional snap closure, the Crocus Small Shoulderbag never stands open unintentionally.
Using the infinitely adjustable shoulder strap, carry the bag sideways on the shoulder or across.
With its timeless and minimalist look, you can combine your Crocus Small Shoulderbag versatile and will enjoy it for many seasons!

outside: sturdy cowhide
inside: fabric lining

Height: 27 cm (10.6 “)
Length: 33 cm (13 “)
Width: 13,5 cm (5.3 “)
Adjustable shoulder strap: 75 cm (29.5 ") - 140 cm (55")

Comes with dust bag
"Crocus Shoulderbag - Midnight Black"
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