Tango Small Shoulderbag
Sparkling Silver

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- Traditional craftsmanship x design - Awarded international design prizes - Different carrying... more
Tango Small Shoulderbag - Sparkling Silver
- Traditional craftsmanship x design
- Awarded international design prizes
- Different carrying options
- Versatile to style from sporty to elegant
- Crafted from Italian calfskin

Tango Small Shoulderbag: a design highlight and versatile all-rounder!
This beautifully shaped shoulder bag by Gretchen was awarded the renowned IDA International Design Award and the Italian A'Design Award in gold.
Distinctive profile elements are elaborately processed by hand to emphasize the outline of the centre part of the bag. The profiles break the daylight on the lively looking Italian calfskin and give the bag its modern, elegant character.
The equally elaborately designed side parts with integrated folds made of butter-soft calfskin give the medium-sized bag unexpected storage space. Easily store your wallet, glasses, cell phone, keys and cosmetics as well as a small water bottle or foldable mini umbrella if needed!
The functional highlight of the Tango Small Shoulderbag is its shoulder strap: this can either be worn single-strap, ie. long, with a maximum length of 60 cm. Alternatively, double the strap so that the strap length is reduced to 30 cm. With a knot in the shoulder strap that can be hidden inside the bag, you can shorten the straps as you like and wear your Tango Small Shoulderbag on your wrist as an evening bag.
Uniquely versatile in styling, the Tango Small Shoulderbag completes your look for every occasion, from casual with jeans in everyday life to a solemn dress in the evening.
A versatile bag beauty that enriches your wardrobe!

"Tango Small Shoulderbag - Sparkling Silver"
Material: outside: Italian calfskin inside: logo jacquard (woven fabric lining) Dimensions:... more
Tango Small Shoulderbag - Sparkling Silver
outside: Italian calfskin
inside: logo jacquard (woven fabric lining)

Height: 24 cm (9.4")
Length: 25 cm (9.8")
Width: 14 cm (5.5")
Shoulder strap reach-through height: 31 cm (12.2") - 64 cm (25.2")

Comes with dust bag
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