Tango Pouch Ray
Panna Cotta Silver

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- Award-winning designer handbag by Gretchen - Highlight: lamella-design with metallic effect -... more
Tango Pouch Ray - Panna Cotta Silver
- Award-winning designer handbag by Gretchen
- Highlight: lamella-design with metallic effect
- Wrist strap for free hands
- Space miracle: offers space for mini umbrella
- Highest craftsmanship made in Italy

Tango Pouch Ray - the design highlight by Gretchen! It has received numerous international design awards - including the renowned RED DOT Design Award (Germany), All American SPARKS Award (USA), Good Design Award (Australia), China Good Design Award (China), K-Design Award (Korea). the Tango Pouch is the signature model and heart of the Gretchen collection... and is already celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022!
Elegantly curved, the soft handle strap and the body merge into an aesthetic unit. The middle part of the Tango Pouch Ray is made of Italian double-face leather. The back of this calf leather is doubled with a metallic finish so that both sides can be processed visibly. Lamella-like incisions in the leather are turned by hand and fixed with a seam, creating the eye-catching fan effect with a lively metallic color gradient.
Wear your Tango Pouch Ray casually hanging from your forearm - this keeps your hands free when partying, dancing, or with a glass in hand. Or hold your Tango Pouch Ray directly by the handle, which functions as part of the well thought-out closure. It is pulled through a leather ring and securely closes the bag, even when it is put down, without anything falling out. Hidden magnets are incorporated under the leather so that the side parts of the generously cut opening with always fold exactly together.
Thanks to the voluminous side parts, the Tango Pouch Ray is an absolute space saver - you can easily store your items such as wallet, mobile phone, make-up, keys, etc. in it. Even a small folding umbrella fits inside! A mobile phone pocket and another open pocket help you to keep your things in place.
It doesn't matter whether you wear your Tango Pouch Ray with an elegant evening dress or combine it casually with jeans, blazer and heels - you are holding a unique masterpiece of bag-making in your hands and will draw admiring glances!

"Tango Pouch Ray - Panna Cotta Silver"
Material: outside: Italian double-face calfskin inside: logo jacquard (woven fabric lining)... more
Tango Pouch Ray - Panna Cotta Silver
outside: Italian double-face calfskin
inside: logo jacquard (woven fabric lining)

Height (without handle): 17 cm (6.7")
Total height (with handle): 38 cm (15")
Length: 25cm (9.8")
Width: 15cm (5.9")
Handle reach/ height wrist strap: 18 cm (7.1")

Comes with dust bag
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