Crocus Backpack
Crimson Red

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The Crocus Backpack by Gretchen is a bag in a purist design with a double carrying function.... more
Crocus Backpack - Crimson Red
The Crocus Backpack by Gretchen is a bag in a purist design with a double carrying function. Variant 1: worn as a backpack, with the two shoulder straps attached to the front lying over the zipper and making an unnoticed opening by third parties virtually impossible. Variant 2: carried as a shoulder bag under the arm. The unique aspect about it: to switch between the two wearing styles, you don't have to change the shoulder straps - decide spontaneously how you want to carry your Crocus Backpack, from moment to moment.
The timeless and minimalist design make the Crocus Backpack the perfect companion for the office and everyday life. The extra-large format easily accommodates an A4 folder and documents; even a laptop in its protective case can be easily stowed in it. An open front pocket and an inner compartment with zipper, open pocket, as well as a cell phone pocket and pen holder help you to keep your belongings in perfect order.
The Crocus Backpack is made of a lightly structured cowhide, which is robust and sports a lively two-tone color effect.

outside: sturdy cowhide
inside: fabric lining

Height: 39 cm (15,4 “)
Width: 30 cm (11,8 “)
Depth: 11.5 cm (4,5 “)
adjustable shoulder strap: 26 cm (29.5 “) maximum handle range, or max. 80 cm length of straps when worn as backpack

comes with bag
"Crocus Backpack - Crimson Red"
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