Your personal data is encrypted and transmitted to us by digital security systems. Our website is protected by technical measures against damage, destruction or unauthorized access.


We protect the transmission of your information with a secure Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection that ensures that your personal information, including credit card and account information, is securely transmitted over the internet. The data is encrypted so that it is only readable by the payment system.


These are security procedures developed specifically for Visa and MasterCard transactions, which ensure that the rightful cardholder and legitimate online merchant participate in a transaction. If a credit card holder is logged on to the 3-D-Secure method using one of the registration methods, after entering the card data, another query form opens, which is linked to your bank and additionally asks for the SecureCode (a password you have selected). Only with the correct password will the transaction be carried out. You will learn from your bank if your credit card is approved for the procedure.

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