Gretchens truly unique evening bag

Tango Pouch is Gretchens most iconic evening bag and key-item of the collection since 2010. No wonder it has been honored with numerous international design awards. The unique way, in which the Tango Pouch is worn across the wrist, allowing the wearer to keep her hands free all evening long has enthused the design juries. As has the beautiful drop-shape with elaborate hand-crafted profiling details, and the thought-out magnetic closure with its precisely folding side parts.
Tango Pouch pairs timeless aesthetics, most elaborate traditional craftsmanship and wearability in an evening bag, making it a truly unique design piece.

Tango Pouch design awards:
RedDot Design Award – Germany (2012)
Sparks Design Award – USA (2012)
A’Design Award Platinum – Italy (2013)
Good Design Award – Australia (2014)
Golden Pin Design Award – China (2015)
Good Design Award – China (2016)
K-Design Award – Korea (2017)

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