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Gretchen - Our corporate social responsibility pledge

Gretchen follows a simple, philanthropic principle. We believe that corporate success, social welfare and sustainable development are interdependent. This is the basis upon which everything is build.

Social welfare and sustainable development should therefore not merely be a phrase, but an imminent and integral element to consider for every business in its day-today operations and decisions.

Gretchen is more than aware of its operational impact on society and environment and accepts this responsibility with pleasure:

  • We aim to making the communities in which it operates better places to live and do business.
  • We are sensitive to the local community's cultural, social and economic needs.
  • We monitor the progress we make toward completing environmental and social conscious actions.
  • We do not engage in bribery or corruption.
  • We provide clear and fair terms of employment.
  • We encourage employees to develop skills and progress in their careers.
  • We ensure clean, healthy and safe working conditions.
  • We have a fair remuneration policy everywhere we operate.
  • We educate our staff concerning eco-friendly work ethics.
  • We strive for equality and diversity for all present and potential employees.
  • We do not discriminate on the grounds of disability, color, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, political or other opinions.
  • We do not tolerate any sexual, physical or mental harassment or bullying of its employees.
  • We employ only voluntary and appropriately aged employees.
  • We only use raw materials derive from animals that are raised only for the purpose of nourishment.
  • We do not buy raw material (especially leather) from countries that allow slash-and-burn agriculture.
  • We use only exceptional calf leather, that is chrome VI free tanned.
  • We carefully choose business partners on basis of our corporate social responsibility guidelines
  • We are honest and fair in the relationships with our suppliers and contractors.
  • We encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt responsible business practices.
  • We only work in our own or with conscious expert productions in Europe.
  • We run a smart management system that efficiently reduces the use of energy and avoids wasting resources in the production and management processes.
  • Our office and manufacturing facilities run solely with "green electricity".
  • We continuously research new ways and methods of using and reusing resources more efficiently.
  • We actively sort and recycle our waste to minimize pollution their environmental impact.
  • We work with cognizant logistic systems, which are operating ecology-minded.
  • We cooperate only with committed, eco-conscious logistic firms.
  • DPD - Protection of rare resources and avoidance of emissions throughout the Total-Zero-Activity.
  • UPS - Balance of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by transportation owed to the Carbon-Neutral-Program.
  • GLS - Optimization of all logistic processes within the framework of the Think-Green-Program.

„We believe in success throughout respect for people and our environment and therefore aim to improve and strengthen the world we live in, while following our heartfelt passion for making fabulous, avant-garde, timelessly beautiful handbags and accessories.”

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