Chess Midi Tote Two
Oxblood Red

  • G1720038
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Woven by hand from elegantly glazed calf leather, the Chess Hobos’ beauty is all in its vividly... more
Chess Midi Tote Two - Oxblood Red
Woven by hand from elegantly glazed calf leather, the Chess Hobos’ beauty is all in its vividly structured material. The minimalist cut underlines the straight shape and allows the fine material to stand out and shine bright. Made from matte calf leather, the shoulder strap and bottom part form a subtle material contrast. A unique detail are the diagonal short handles, which can be folded and tucked away sideways. They allow you to wear your Chess Midi Tote Two comfortably across your lower arms. Alternatively use the adjustable shoulder strap to wear the Chess Tote hanging sideways from your shoulder or crossbody, all the while the short handles are tucked away and transform into a fashionable design detail without hindering your movements. A zip from end to end ensures it is safely closed, while the interior convinces with neat layout for perfect order: a zippered pocket, mobile pocket, additional open pocket and two pens holders help you organize your belongings well. The Chess Hobo is a timeless beauty to fall in love with and cherish for many years to come.
"Chess Midi Tote Two - Oxblood Red"
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