Ray Clutch
Night Blue Silver

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The Ray Clutch is an evening bag in the classic “baguette-shape” adorned with a beautiful... more
Ray Clutch - Night Blue Silver
The Ray Clutch is an evening bag in the classic “baguette-shape” adorned with a beautiful metallic detail. Parallel cuts in the leather are turned over and secured with a piping in one of many precise work steps, thus creating the eye-catching effect with the visible metallic backside of the Italian double-face leather.
Thanks to its soft calfskin, you will wish to hold on to your Ray Clutch forever; but it can also be worn with its foxtail chain as an elegant shoulder bag.
With its magnetic closure and additional zip, the bag is completely and securely closed. The elongated cut of the baguette shape ensures a very large opening and a perfect overview inside the bag. An elongated open pocket holds and protects your mobile phone.
Wear your Ray clutch elegantly on festive occasions, such as receptions and weddings; or casually styled with trousers and sneakers for a relaxed dinner with friends!

outside: Italian double-face leather (calf) and calf leather
inside: logo jacquard (fabric lining)

Height: 13.5 cm (5.3 ")
Width: 28 cm (11 ")
Depth: 2 cm (0.8 ")
Length shoulder chain: 110 cm (43.3 ")
Thickness shoulder chain: 2 mm (0.08 '')

Comes with dust bag
"Ray Clutch - Night Blue Silver"
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